MESA Grants

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MESA Grants
Your grant should engage the campus community and aim to transform the student experience to build inclusive spaces and equitable opportunities for all through the lens of race & ethnicity
Grant awards typically range from $50-$400
Each grant application is evaluated using a rubric
For example: programs that focus on cultural education or awareness, cross-cultural initiatives, community building, or identity exploration
If your program helps advance our mission, you are eligible for funding!
We highly encourage collaboration with other organizations
How It Works
Step 1
Determine if your program is eligible for a grant
Step 2
Submit your proposal online at
Step 3
After you apply, you'll receive an email inviting you to a meeting with MESA Staff
Step 4
Meet with MESA Staff to discuss your program
Step 5
Funding decision  made and communicated to you via email
Step 6
Work with MESA staff to process payments
Step 7
After your program, meet with MESA staff to wrap-up all processes
We accept applications on a rolling basis
Applications MUST BE SUBMITTED 10 days prior to your event. This gives us time to review, meet with you, and evaluate your proposal fully.
CONTACT US!    [email protected] (734) 763-9044 2202 Michigan Union
Step 8
Represent your organization at the MESA Grants Celebration Dec. 5