English Policy 2015-2016 Copy

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St. Albans English Class Policies
Important Information for English - 2015-2016
Mrs. Watson   *   [email protected]
The Supplies
Your School Planner and Binder Lined, white binder paper Blue/Black ink pens for written work Pencils, erasers, highlighters, art box – when needed Assigned textbooks and a dictionary Computer access
* Be in assigned seat when the bell rings. *  Avoid being TARDY or ABSENT. Call for homework before 9:00 if you are sick and can complete the work. * If you know you will be gone from class, work should be turned in BEFORE you leave, unless prior arrangements are made with me. * When changing classrooms, PLEASE, wait AWAY from the door until the class inside the room has exited. This will avoid confusion and possible harm.
* Put your NAME and the DATE on all papers. Please put this on the upper right-hand corner of the paper. If you are absent for an assignment, please write "ABSENT" on your heading. * Write legibly and in the correct size for the assignment. (fill the line - 12 point font) * All formal assignments are written in BLUE or BLACK INK and on ONE side of the paper. Listen for instructions for other assignments. * We will write in CURSIVE. * There is a TURN IN box for assignments. You may turn in work early. *There will be a penalty for late or incomplete work, for not writing in cursive, and for not putting the correct heading on your papers. * Do NOT ask for extra credit. I will let you know if any will be available. * Please let me know if you have any questions. I am here to help you - during class, at recess, lunch, or after school.
General Rules for Classes!
1. Be on time to class and prepared to learn. 2. Follow verbal and written directions. 3. Show respect for all persons and property.  
Are you listening?
- NO eating or drinking in class. - Refrain from disruptive activities     and offensive language. - Refrain from harassing or aggressive physical behavior. - Do your OWN WORK.  Don’t allow others to cheat.
Students will NOT be allowed to "play" on the Promethean Whiteboard. Please be respectful of the technology in the classroom.  
The four computers in our room are for your use in English.  Please take care of them and use them properly.  Always ASK me, Mrs. Watson, for permission to use the computer. When you log onto the computers, do so under your name and password. Do not change any settings on the computers. Rules set forth in the computer lab apply to the computers in the English room.  
There will be NO TAPE anywhere on lockers.  You may put appropriate magnets on your locker.  Please help us to take care of the lockers.
Please be respectful of property belonging to others. It is best not to leave anything in desks but to keep your property in your locker or backpack.  Stay out of other people’s desks and lockers.  Please let me know if someone has been in your locker.
Students will be allowed to get a drink or go to the bathroom during “non-teaching” times.  Please let me know you are leaving and when you return.
Please follow the school policy for the uniform dress code. Keep shirts tucked in and wear appropriate socks.   Do not wear extra jewelry, hair adornments, fingernail polish or make-up. I should not have to remind you to stay in uniform.
Please help keep our room clean.  Do not leave trash in the classroom.   Do not leave textbooks or lunch boxes outside, on the floor, or where they do not belong.  Pick up sweatshirts and take them with you.
Keep BACKPACKS out of the walkways. Use the hooks outside the classrooms to store your backpack.
    I am looking forward to an exciting year of learning.  We have a wonderful opportunity to work together in English.  Please show this Class Policy to your parents and then keep this Policy in your English binder as a reminder.  I will check on occasions (for points) to see that this policy is in your English section of your General Binder.            Mrs. Watson