Expectations and Policies

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Mrs. Thompson's Basics
If you need help or are stuck, ASK.  HOWEVER, make sure you have 1) read your handouts and 2) paid attention in class. I will not indulge your learned helplessness; refer to the materials you are given and see if you can find the answer. THEN ask me. That said, if you are stuck, there are several ways to get in touch with me. “I didn’t get it so I didn’t do it” is a total cop-out, and we both know it. Make the attempt.  Do something. I will reward the honest effort to do the assignment. Enough said.
I arrive at school between 7 and 7:15 most days. I can stay after M/W/F most weeks. Email: [email protected]
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Google Classroom
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Treat everyone with proper consideration, regardless of whether he/she is in the classroom at the time.  Use respectful language, in writing as well as in discussions.  Show respect for your environment by keeping the classrooms clean and neat.   Arrive for class on time and with all necessary materials.  Complete assignments on time, ask for clarification if needed. Be prepared for the start of class each day. Do what is right, regardless of what everyone else in class is doing.   Conduct yourself as a mature, well-mannered young adult.  Think before speaking, and make sure all contributions to the class dialogue are meaningful and pertinent.  Don't dominate discussion or ask questions we've just answered. Take care of personal business when the time is appropriate. Use your privileges wisely.   Participate to the fullest extent you can. Stay awake. Take part in discussions. Ask questions. Answer questions. Stay on task. Take notes. Keep your head up. Do your homework. Use class time efficiently. Listen. Watch. Participate. Do your own work. Do not cheat, and do not plagiarize. Do not attempt to sneak around the rules. Avoid inventing excuses to cover up for your mistakes. Accept consequences for your mistakes, and learn from them.
1. Be Respectful 2. Be Responsible. 3. Be Appropriate. 4. Be Engaged. 5. Be Honest.
Grades are weighted according to competencies as defined for the course. Formative work enables you to do well on the summative assessments.   Formative work doesn't count the way summative work does, but...  STUDENTS who don't do formative work don't do well on summative work.  70% of formative work must be completed to retake/revise a summative assessment. Regarding summative assessments, ANY SUMMATIVE WRITING ASSESSMENT that is done ON TIME, with HONEST EFFORT, MAY BE REVISED FOR A HIGHER GRADE.  
Assessments missed must be made up within four school days of the original due date. Failure to make up assessments in a timely manner may result in loss of your ability to revise or change an assessment for a higher grade.
When turning in make-up work, include a note (in a comment on the assignment in Classroom) to remind me about your absence on the date of the assignment.  Failure to do so may result in a lack of timely feedback.
ABSENT? Information about make-up work can be found on the calendar linked in the About section of Google Classroom.  You can also check Remind. It is your responsibility to check the calendar for any assignments.
Late Work
I will take your summative work late for up to 5 days. HOWEVER, timely feedback and help to improve will be prioritized to those students who do their work. I will not stay after with you to babysit you while you do your work. You also lose some - or all - of your privileges to revise for higher grades. IF IT'S LATE, YOU TAKE YOUR CHANCES WITH THE GRADE, EVEN ON SUMMATIVES.
Work done on time earns the right to revise.  Formative relates to summative, so if your completion rate for formative work in a competency is not at least 70%, you will lose some or all of your revision privileges on the summative assessment for that competency. Get it? Don't do the work, risk not getting feedback and not getting to fix it if you do it wrong.
Work done with insufficient effort (you and I both know what that means; be honest and do your best work EVERY TIME) risks losing revision privileges for higher grades. Effort = success, people!
Philosophy In order to be successful in this course, students are expected to be active participants. If you're active and engaged, ALL of us (you, me, and your classmates) will learn and succeed!  Furthermore, everyone in the room has the right to share their thoughts and opinions verbally and in writing without fear of embarrassment or ridicule.
In order for everyone to feel safe and comfortable in my classroom, a positive and respectful attitude is expected of all you. This includes respecting others’ thoughts, work, feelings, and individuality. It also includes not creating a disruption or distraction for the class or for me.
If you do not demonstrate positive behavior, I will visit with you, and we will try to resolve the issue together. If this proves unsuccessful, you will be calling your parents at home or work (maybe even during class) and explaining your behavior.
The third offense will be a disciplinary report to the office. Any negative behavior that continues will result in a conference with you, your parent(s)/guardian(s), and your Dean. So let's not go there, people!
Drinks are allowed except around the chromebooks. (Abusing this rule means no drinks for you!) Bathroom trips are allowed within reason. Abuse the privilege, and I'll tell you to go during another class. Food is allowed, except around the chromebooks. (Abusing this rule means no food for you!)  Also, NO CRUNCHY FOOD. If I can hear it, you may not have it.
Food, Drink, Phones, Oh My...
ABSOLUTELY NO PERFUME, COLOGNE, SCENTED LOTIONS, or SPRAYS OF ANY KIND. This is a SERIOUS health issue for me and, now that you know, if you do it, you will be written up for it.
There are times we will use our phones -  I will tell you when you may.  But, don't use it when I tell you not to.   If you abuse my tolerance and good graces, I'll ask you to park your phone on my desk at the start of class, where it can hang out with my phone because, well, my phone hates being lonely. If it becomes a consistent problem, you'll be asked to leave your phone in the office for the day because I'm sure their phones get lonely too.