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Smart PHone
Interesting Facts
Interesting facts
Singapore has the most smart phone user in the world.
The most frequent users of smart phone are adults in age group 25-34
89% of people use their smartphone through out the day
of the world's population uses smart phones
History of Smart phones
-The first smart phone were offered to sale in the year of 1994.
-In 1996 Nokia released Nokia 9000. It was a computer-style phone and consisted with a keyboard and allowed text and email.
-In early 2001 Palm,Inc produced Kyoera 6035, this mobile phone operated on wireless network which allowed web browsing.
-In 2007 Jan.9 Steve Job officially introduce Iphone 2G, the first Iphone.
-Now, smart phone plays a big part in our life. We definately have more choices than before. Samsung, Iphone, Windowphone, Nokia and other smart phone have completely changed the way we live
Smart Phone Sales To Beat Pc Sales By 2011
The future of smart phones may be endless, we never know but we do have an idea of what might the future of smart phones has to offer.
Future development
3D Screens
Completly flexable
Smart phones might be introducing complete 3rd Dimensional technology in the future.
The option of a phone being flexible could mean the end for screen protectors
Projector on a phone would be helpful for presentation. It's going to replace the orginal Projecter.
Smartphone is probably going to be popular for another 15 years base on the growth of this trend. up until this point. Smartphones is still not perfect. It has a lot of bugs and there are still a lot more things that smart phones Cannot do.