Wildfire Claim Process

published by PCIAA

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Get Started
Survey the property for damage. Contact your insurer to begin the claims process.
Contact Insurance company
Step 1
Additional living expenses can be reimbursed if your home is damaged by a wildfire
Keep all your receipts
Step 2
Work with an Adjuster
Step 3
Your insurer will walk through the claims process, answer questions, estimate the damage & settle your claim.
Scope of Work
Step 4
Adjuster reviews previous floor plan, sq footage, and interior. Insurance covers the cost of rebuilding with similar materials.
Insurance Payments and Types
Step 5
ALE: Covers temporary living expenses while you rebuild Coverage A: Covers the cost of rebuilding your home Coverage B: Covers detached structures such as a garage Coverage C: Covers the contents and personal possessions in your home
Work with Your Mortgage Holder
Step 6
Homeowners should continue to pay mortgage & property taxes.
Evaluate Insurance Needs
Step 7
Work with your insurer to determine the level of coverage to have during the rebuilding process
Find a Contractor
Step 8
Get 3 estimates for the work and compare. Always have a written detailed contract.