PRESENTATION HMS Art Student Overview 2016-17

published by Theresa McGee

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Visual Art
Theresa McGee
& respond to historical and contemporary works of art from around the world  
What will students learn in art?
This class is organized to maximize creativity, improve skills, & challenge minds.
Problem Solve
knowledge, skills, and ideas through artist statements and personal reflections
though critical thinking challenges based on personal experiences, aesthetic choices, and informed content
creative work online. Finished artwork and artist statements are published to
in large and small groups to learn new concepts and grow new ideas
meaningful works of art through addition of new skills and ideas
Student Responsibilities
Come prepared and complete all assignments
Be on time and use class time well
Have a positive attitude and be kind to others
clean up your mess
Use technology as directed
Check Google Classroom for homework due dates and Artsonia access code
Email Mrs. McGee if you need help or would like to catch up on artwork before or after school.