views on BYOD

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from MHS students & parents
Major findings from students and parents
170 Year 7 & 8 students were surveyed
83 parents of Year 7 & 8 were surveyed
93.5% of students think that it is important to have access to a device in class
9 students with diverse views on BYOD took part in a focus group
80% of parents think that it is important for students to have access to a device in class
77% of parents say their child already has a device at home Most popular devices are Windows 7 & 8 laptops and iPads 79% of students say they will bring their devices to school if they were asked to by the school 39% of parents whose children do not currently have devices would be happy to buy a device for them to use at school 100% of parents whose children already have devices would be happy to buy another device if the current one doesn't connect to the school WiFi 79% of students have wireless internet at home
Benefits of BYOD
Don't have to use IWB as a whole class Students can move at their own pace Having access to unlimited resources on the internet Technology already part of students' lives so should be part of school as well Technology makes learning fun and interesting Don't have to "waste time" moving to computer rooms School currently does not have enough devices Students are more familiar with their own devices Students will be more organised with their work School work will be more accessible at home Allows students to keep up with technology
Concerns for BYOD
Students' current devices might not connect to school WiFi Battery might not last the school day Equity Safety and security Distractions