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Prefix families
Baumann, et al (2002)
Not Family
dis (not, opposite) im (not) in (not) un (not) non (not)
disloyalty, dissimilar, unappetizing, unfortunate, inactive, inadvertent, improper, impure, nonfactor, nonstandard
Number Family
mono (one) bi(two) semi (half)
monotone, monorail, bilingual, biannual, semicircle, semiformal
Below or Part Family
sub (below, part of) under (below, not enough)
subset, submerge, underweight, underdone
Again or Remove Family
re(again) de (remove, reverse)
retell, reconsider, redo, decode, deductive
Before and After Family
pre (before) post (after)
preshrunk, preview, postgraduate, postwar
Against Family
anti (against, stopping) counter (against, stopping)
antifreeze, antisocial, counterattack, countermeasures
Excess Family
over (too many or much) super (more, better, highest) out (better, more than)
overpopulation, overflow, superhighway, superheated, outrun, outlandish
Bad Family
mis (bad, wrongly) mal (bad)
mistrust, mistreatment, malnutrition, maladaptive