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Switching to a CIRCULAR
Linear Vs. Circular Economy
Materials in a Linear Economy
Materials in a Circular Economy
Technical & biological nutrients are mixed together, making high quality recovery difficult
Technical nutrients are separated and recirculated as high quality resources.
Biological nutrients re-enter the biosphere and increase natural capital.
Why Switch to a Circular Economy?
Imagine an economy...
By 2030
Linear = Status Quo
... Where waste from one industry becomes resource for another...
... Is powered by renewable energy...
... And new business models based on collaboration and sharing arise.
Ignoring and working against nature
Working with and learning from nature
... That exacerbates climate change effects ....
... Adding to growing amounts of waste...
... Is still stuck on fossil fuels...
Imagine an economy...
... Generated by 8.5 billion  people living with growing inequality. [1]
... That restores the environment and minimizes negative impacts...
Circular = A New Way
How do we make the switch?
Business Model Innovation
New Design Philosophies
Emphasis on Services E.g. Cell phone contracts, modular carpets, lights [2]
Design for Recovery
Design for Disassembly
Design for Repair
Incorporate recycled materials
An Energy Transition
... to one that efficiently uses regenerative sources that preserves natural capital.
Switching from an economy fueled by wasteful extraction of non-renewable energy sources that harm the environment...
Next Life Sales E.g. Used book stores, thrift stores
Product Transformation E.g. Food waste into animal feed [4]
Access over Ownership E.g. Car-shares, tool libraries [3]
Getting On Board
The Ellen MacArthur Foundation is a registered charity with the aim of "inspiring a generation to re-think, re-design & build a positive future through the framework of a circular economy."[5]
Global Partners
Many major companies are embracing the circular economy shift by partnering up with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.
Want to see ideas of circular economies in action? Check out our sharing economy infographic!
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