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Vanderbilt Infant Health Technologies
Caring for our youngest.
Premature Birth
Identifying Causes of Disease
Introducing 9 promising new technologies.
Personalized health coaching for families, emphasizing family health. Available in Spanish.
GROW Healthier
Prognostic test that measures genetic and environmental factors that indicate high-risk for severe Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) infection.
RSV Risk Predictor
Electronic pediatric growth chart.
Pediatric Growth Chart
A mobile-enabled device for accurate identification and monitoring of malnourished individuals in remote locations.
Malnutrition Screening Device
A car seat safety attachment that detects if a child has been left unattended in a car seat and if the environment has become uncomfortably hot or cold. The system is designed with a graduated alarm system based on "alert states" that provides a combination of visual, tactile and audio alerts.”
KidSense Car Seat Safety System
Data bank of linked genetic, diagnostic, therapeutic and pharmacological information that can be mined to identify the genetic and phenotypic cause of disease, clinical biomarkers and adverse drug events. BioVU currently has tens of thousands of pediatric samples and continues to expand.
Diagnostic test that measures premature birth risk prior to conception.
Premature Birth Prediction
Most electronic medical records are started at birth. This tool captures critical medical information prior to birth to extend the child's medical history.
Fetal Electronic Medical Record
Mobile app for parents to easily monitor the growth of premature infants in the NICU and beyond.
Growth Chart for Preemies
An estimated 15 million babies are born prematurely each year, with 1 of 9 babies in the U.S. coming too soon.
Vanderbilt currently has two technologies directly related to the care of premature infants: - Premature Birth Prediction Diagnostic - Growth Chart for Preemies
BioVU is a unique resource built by Vanderbilt University Medical Center that provides a "view into biology" at the level of DNA and is the essence of personalized medicine. BioVU is a patient DNA bank with linked de‐identified patient records. These records include diagnosis, administered therapies, and outcomes. The power of this asset is the linkage of biological samples to its corresponding de‐identified patient data, which allows for retrospective and prospective analysis of biology‐phenotype linkages for a medical condition or therapy.
BioVU: A DNA Data Bank
200,000 DNA samples
samples added per week
samples are currently undergoing genotyping
Contact: Jody Hankins [email protected] 615.322.5907.
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