How to be turned

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using the Rock'in Robins manoeuvre  
Duchenne muscular dystrophy  
easily turn to your opposite side face the doorway to be heard better suitable for regular or electric bed quick and effortless
Need to be turned frequently at night?   Are you tall?  Are you heavy? Is your carer slight or short?   Is roller sheet or your method fiddly?
Taking too much time makes it hard to get back to sleep? Don't like your back to the door? Travelling and in a strange bed? Didn't bring your equipment?
instructions to give your carer
1.   Bedding should be            loose – not tucked in
4.   Pull both legs to dangle          over the side
NB  Modify steps to suit.  E.g. If using VPAP,        move it to reach the new position
2.   If bed is electric, lower to       safe working height
3.   Lower head and foot        of bed until flat
5.   Pivot* to a sitting      position      (Hug opportunity?)
        How to be Turned, by Deborah Robins, is              licensed under a Creative Commons                             Attribution-Non Commercial                          4.0 International License. 2015.    NB Not to be construed as medical advice
6.   Throw pillow from the      head of the bed to        the foot of the bed
7.   Pivot upper body to           the bottom of the bed
9.   Kneel* on bed - flip          bottom up and over a       couple of inches
8.   Pick up legs and        place back on the          bed
10.  Replace loose         bedding
* Carefully position feet, knees etc.  Follow safe lifting practices.