2014-2015 Achievements

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The Science of
Celebrating the Success of IAITC 2014-2015
The Illinois Farm Bureau is responsible for the development and implementation of the Illinois AITC Program.  The IFB budget covers expenses including staff, office, travel, printing and supplies for the program.  The IAITC Program Council works in conjunction with the Education Director to develop a program of work that is approved by the IAA Foundation Trustees.  The IAA Foundation funding continues to make many of the teacher and student programs and materials available at no cost to county AITC programs.  
County programs are the bread and butter of the IAITC Program. 69 Coalition serving 77 Counties were awarded $542,500 .
* Active Programs in all 102 Illiinois Counties.  Counties reported spending $2,198,986at the local level *Counties utilized 4,932 volunteers at the local level.  An increase of 9% over the previous year. *144 County Volunteers participated in IAITC Trainings throughout the year. *IAITC offered professional development opportunities for County Ag Literacy Providers including in-depth training on Common Core State Standards and Next Generation Science Standards
County Programs reach 37,483 teachers at local level
Added emphasis on Technology in Teacher Training including Kahoot, Augmented Reality, QR Code application and use of iPads in the Classroom.
1,106 Pre-Service Teachers reached through 62 Programs at 15 Universities.
$33,516 awarded in grants to teachers including Container Gardens, Book Grants and Classroom Grants
576 Teachers reached through Summer Agricultural Institutes Across the State.
Pre-Service Book Tub Grants offered to University of Illinois-Springfield, Eastern Illinois University, Aurora University, Olivet Nazarene University, Southern Illinois University and St Francis University.
Hours of professional development provided to teachers at the local level.  
Teachers utilize AITC partnership with Aurora University to receive graduate credit for Summer Ag Institutes.
State Impact
Students reached through direct county AITC programming.
*Continue to Partner with FFA, Collegiate Farm Bureau *Continue to enhance accurate agriculture and education with technology *Face challenge with PARCC Test, NGSS and CCSS with changes in ISBE PDCH *Couple priorities of agriculture with education outreach to influence future *Explore new partnerships to mutually benefit agriculture education *Grapple with Illinois School Funding     [email protected]
Education Director:  Kevin Daugherty Education Manager: Jackie Jones Education Specialist: Brad Banning Education Specialist:  Laura Vollmer Administrative Assistant:  Carol Harms-Garman