CEEF Application process

published by CFGS

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The journey of an Expert Facility Application
Step 1
The Expert Facility Manager provides a first review of the application's relevance and feasibility.
Step 2
The application is assessed by a Clima East Key Expert and by an independent expert in parallel according to the criteria set out in the Application Guide. A final assessment results from both experts' evaluations. If the application passes this assessment, it will proceed to step 3.
The application is sent to the European Commission (DG NEAR) for approval.
Step 3
Step 4
Step 5
The Beneficiary and a Clima East Key Expert prepare the assignment's Terms of Reference
The beneficiary's national Focal Point is requested to provide his/her "no-objection"
The Clima East implementing consortium recruits the experts who will work on the agreed assignment
The European Commission is requested to approve the implementation of the assignment
Step 6
Step 8
Implementation begins
Any final updates and improvements are discussed between the Beneficiary, the recruited experts and the Clima East team.
Step 7