Language Activity - Cool

published by Jacquie Carter

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Cool - an Evolution
by Mrs. Hera & Mrs. Carter
the cool part or quality of a place, thing, or (esp.) time of day c.1393
Cool - noun - origin - 1393
Cool - adj- origin - c.13
at a relatively low temperature; moderately cold, esp. agreeably or refreshingly so (in contrast with heat or cold). c 13
Cool - verb (origin 1286)
To become less hot or warm c. 1286 (Origin - Old English)
Cool - verb 1972
OR A truce between gangs. c. 1958
Originally in African-American usage: (as a general term of approval) admirable, excellent. c. 1933 As an adj.: Of jazz music: restrained or relaxed in style. c. 1948. In weakened use: all right, ‘OK’; satisfactory, acceptable; unproblematic, safe. c. 1951
Cool - adj 1931 -1951
Cool - noun 1949
With down. To recover from strenuous physical exercise by gradually decreasing the level of exertion. c. 1972
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