Effective Communication with Families

published by Elizabeth Anne Shannon

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Effective Communication with Families
Decide on communication expectations and venues with each family, at the beginning of each school year
Essentials for School to Home Communication
Be sensitive to literacy ability, language barriers, & technology resources that may pose challenges when communicating with families.
Make communication easy-provide space for parental feedback on notes home

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(Lavoie, 2008) & (Richardson, 2010)
NC Code of Ethics for Educators
What does it have to do with communication
-Holds information in confidence

-Acknowledges the diverse views of students, parents, legal guardians, and colleagues
(Durham Public Schools, 1998)
FERPA: Family Education Rights & Privacy Act
FERPA is a federal law to protect the privacy of student education records
Applies to schools who get federal funding from the US Department of Education
Affects how you share information about your students, with parents, and with other educators
Parents & students have rights to access their education records, correct records, & grant permission for educational information about the student to be released
(U.S. Department of Education, 2013)
Created by Beth Shannon, Meredith College 2013 using
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