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Fall 2015
North Carolina Association for Developmental Education
President's Message
Spring Regionals
NCADE Awards
In this issue:
From the Desk of the President
           Happy Fall! I hope all is going well for you and your students as we enjoy the beautiful fall colors of our state this season and anticipate a well-deserved rest during the holidays! It is hard to believe this year is drawing to a close. I hope 2015 has been a professionally and personally rewarding year for you.           As we look ahead to 2016, we face the prospect of more change on the horizon for Developmental Education in our state. NCADE is committed to keeping you informed and to voicing your concerns and questions to those with decision-making authority. You will find an update on SB 561 (Now Career and College Readiness Legislation) in this newsletter. Please feel free to reach out to me about this legislation or about any other topic of importance to developmental educators in North Carolina. My email is [email protected] and my phone is 919-866-5307. You will also want to plan now to attend one of our Spring Regional Conferences in order to collaborate with your colleagues as we discuss SB 561 and other important issues.         Although the path ahead may be a little unclear, we know from past experience that we are resilient and adaptable. Our priority always has been, and always will be, the success of our students. Best wishes to all of you as you wrap up this semester!
Emily Moore
NCADE President
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News from NADE
 Golden Opportunities: Building on 40 Years of Progress March 16-19, 2016 Anaheim, California More information at nade2016. net
Register Now: National Summit on Developmental Math March 15-16, 2016 Anaheim, CA
Career and College Readiness Legislative Update/SB 561
College Administrators were asked to send nominations for members of the committee to the NCCCS in late November. The committee will have a conference call meeting on December 9, 2015. NCADE will have a representative on the committee, and we will keep you informed through regular updates on our website, using a new page entitled Career and College Ready Updates. In addition, an update on committee progress will be provided at the Spring Regional Conferences, and this will be done in a general session so that everyone has a chance to hear the information. We will also provide an update in our Spring newsletter.
NCADE's Reciprocal Partners
Past Professional Liaison Hilda Barrow negotiated reciprocal agreements with professional organizations in our area that stand with us in supporting students. Wes Anthony, our newly appointed Professional Liaison, continues Hilda's work. Please consider supporting our reciprocal partners:
Kellogg Institute
Across the state, we are all making a difference in and for Developmental Education and for our students!  Regardless of the changes or challenges presented to us, we consistently rise above and exceed the expectations that law makers have for us.  When you see those who stand out, please let them know.  There is no better way to acknowledge their work than to nominate them for an award, and NCADE offers many.  The following worthy recipients have been recognized this year for their outstanding contributions:
Hip Hip Hooray for Developmental Education!
by Jennifer Leigh, NCADE President-Elect
NADE’S Outstanding Developmental Educational Program: WAKE TECH COMMUNITY COLLEGE, RALEIGH Wake Tech Community College earned national recognition for its newly-redesigned developmental education program. Wake Tech has received the John Champaign Memorial Award for Outstanding Developmental Educational Program for 2015, from the National Association for Developmental Education (NADE). The prestigious award acknowledges Wake Tech’s innovative approach to developmental instruction and the creation of learning materials that are effective in meeting the needs of students. Nearly 60% of Wake Tech’s 27,000 curriculum students need some developmental courses. The award was presented during the annual NADE conference on February 26 in Greenville, South Carolina.
Darrin Miller came highly recommended by his Developmental English Instructors and peers for the Outstanding Alumnus award.  Darrin, an adult student, began his college experience in DRE 096 and worked diligently through DRE 098.  He continued his success in subsequent college level English courses all the while paying tribute to the Developmental Education he received that contributed to his success.  Darrin’s instructors comment on the type of man he is:  “[Darrin] worked tirelessly on writing and improving his essays both in and outside of class.”  “He began his journey as an apprehensive freshman and finished as a role model for other students.”  “He continued to be an inspiration for the DRE classes, coming by often to talk to students and give them encouragement.”   Thank you, Darrin, for your hard work and for representing Developmental Education with such commitment and appreciation.
Outstanding Alumnus of a Program:   DARRIN MILLER of Cleveland Community College, Shelby
Outstanding Developmental Educator of the Year:   WES ANTHONY  of Cleveland Community College, Shelby
According to Janet Adams, one of Wes Anthony’s students, “Wes Anthony is clearly the best choice for [Developmental Educator of the Year].”  Wes has been teaching Developmental English for the past 12 years and has made valuable contributions not only to Developmental Education, but to his colleges (Gaston 2003-2008 and Cleveland Community College 2008-Present) and to his students. His devotion to Developmental Education and his students can be seen in his development of a summer “bootcamp” for Developmental English students, his seminars to help instructors, his extended hours in the English open lab, his collaboration with publishing companies, and his endless work with educational organizations (just to mention a little of what he does).   Wes is highly respected by his colleagues:  “Wes Anthony can see the ‘big picture’-how we as instructors can help our students succeed, become contributing citizens, and feel proud of their accomplishments in doing so.”  Wes is a graduate of the Advanced Kellogg Institute, serves on the NCADE board (Past-President), and is currently on the NADE ballot for President-Elect (vote for him!).  It is a true honor to have Wes working for each of us and for all of our students!   Congratulations, Wes!  You clearly deserve this award!
At this year’s NCADE conference, our organization paid tribute to one of Developmental Education’s finest, Hilda P. Barrow of Pitt Community College.  Hilda has been a force in Developmental Education over the past 45 years and especially since 1989 when she first joined NCADE.  She has served on the NCADE board in many capacities ever since.  In addition, she served us all as NADE President from 2006-2007 and NADE Conference Site Co-Coordinator in 2009.  NADE has recognized Hilda’s many contributions by honoring her with NADE’s Outstanding Service to Developmental Students and Outstanding Individual Contribution to NADE.  However, Hilda’s contributions certainly didn’t stop there.  While acting as Chair and Dean for the Developmental Studies department at Pitt, Hilda also served on the Redesign Team in 2011-2012.  Colleagues remark on what Hilda means to them:  “There is not a replacement for Hilda Barrow.  What she has meant for Developmental Education is indescribable.”  “Hilda Barrow has been a true pioneer in our profession.  Her advocacy for our students, her leadership for educators, and her passion for all of it is truly inspirational.”  Hilda Barrow is retiring this December, but her legacy will live on through this award.   Thank you, Hilda, for all you have done and will continue to do for Developmental Education!
Outstanding Developmental Educator Award has been changed: Hilda P. Barrow Award
The North Carolina Association for Developmental Education Honors 2015 Educators of Excellence Bob Berman Wake Technical Community College Bob Berman has worked in developmental education at Wake Tech for over 27 years, mostly as a writing instructor, and retires this December. Bob's unflagging energy, sincerity of intention, and eagerness to help his students have empowered a great many of them to become more accomplished writers and critical thinkers. Whether serving as lead instructor or as a point person on various projects, he is always an integral part of faculty groups. His expertise in creating and adapting instructional materials, in particular writing prompts and worksheets, has won him the abiding admiration and gratitude of his colleagues. Cherry Deal Gaston College Cherry Deal demonstrates the qualities of leadership by example. She never expects anything of her faculty and students that she is not willing to do herself. Her hardworking, diligent attitude is infectious to all who work closely with her. Mrs. Deal is not only our department chair, but a true teacher, leader, and friend.
Dell Enecks Beaufort County Community College Dell Enecks has been a leader in Developmental Education and in NCADE for 25 years.  She served Beaufort County Community College as Lead Instructor for Developmental Education during that time.  She was active in the System Re-Engineering Project in the 1990’s and was part of the DRE Redesign Team.  She served NCADE as Eastern Regional Chair, President in 1997, and Membership Chair for 15 years.  During that time, our membership grew steadily because of her nagging—oops! “reminders.” She was NADE Bylaws Committee Chair for eight years. Most of all, Dell has been an advocate for our students.  She always saw their needs and their success as her first priority.  Her influence on our profession is immeasurable, and we are personally and professionally stronger because of her. Sherry Lofton Robeson Community College Sherry Lofton is an asset for Robeson Community College’s precollege program. She challenges students through class assignments and lectures. She believes in constant practice to refine one’s skills in reading and writing. She works with RCC faculty, full-time and adjunct, to ensure the DRE course structure is sound. Outside of the classroom, she pushes students to express themselves creatively. She coordinates the college’s annual Poetry Reading and Contest and volunteers at Book’ Em North Carolina Writer’s Conference. She serves as the contact for Friends of the Arts, an entity with the RCC Foundation; the funds cover expenses within a department, club, or organization that supports the institution’s mission. Here’s to you Sherry!  Great Job! Barbara Romich Cleveland Community College Barbara Romich is a great supporter of Developmental Education at Cleveland Community College. Without her support, it would be almost impossible to achieve the success we have had at CCC in this vital subject area.
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