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Build Your Network
10 Professional and Personal Communities
Love Gospel Worship Center~ 150 Members
A Global Marketing Inc.~ 3 Staff Members, Large Following
Charlie Rock Entertainment~ Large Following of Approx 10,000
Family Members~ 45 people
Foxy Family Networking Group~ 7500 Members
Deeper Fellowship Worship Center~ 200 Members
Full Sail Online Staff ~60 Members
Pure Cash Entertainment~ 4 Staff Members, Large Distribution
FaceBook- 1053 Friends
Wedgefield Community~ 320 Members
Approximate Network Totals to 20,000 People
My strategy to begin creating a buzz for my media skills will include writing for magazines and websites for free in order to establish my self in these publications. I currently have an arrangement with Pure Cash Entertainment to write for their magazine and interview local artists.
Additionally, I will share my work across social media channels, start blogging about various topics, help my family and friends with their media for their small business, attending music events to interview and write about local artists and events and help to create visuals for for my friends in the concert promoting business.
My current network reach is under utilize. I would rate my network strength a 3 out of 10 Because I have not made much of an effort to expand on it. Now that I am ready, I plan to push my network reach by sharing my professional work through social media. My plan includes reaching a global audience and pushing my network to an 8.