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Hover over different states to find out how many J1 trainees/interns participated in our program in 2013
Highest state placement of J1 trainees/interns in 2013
California Michigan New York Massachusetts
Hover over to find out where our J1 trainees and interns are from
France Germany Japan UK
Highest number of J1 trainees/interns in 2013
Hover over the bar to learn what percentage of J1 trainees/interns' had positive impression of the US in the following areas before and after the J1 experience
What do our Alumni say about their J1 experience?
"J1 program has helped me change my perspective of things" "Being in the J1 program has taught me to believe that I can change things even if the environment isn't very favorable" "It is really great to experience the diversity in terms of culture, gender etc. in the U.S. In Germany, I guess, we are just about to begin to understand what that means."
Recommendations from current J1 trainees/interns
"I would tell future J1 trainees/interns to embrace the American culture and lifestyle. Work hard, and gather as much knowledge as possible."
"Future trainees must be equipped with networking skills so that they may be able to take full advantage of their stay here in the US"
"Travel as much as you can!"
"Reach-out to people outside of your host company to enrich your overall experience"
"Try to focus more on creating a connection between the interns in the same company or area."
Thank You for being part of our exchange program!! -IEC