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For the past Fifteen Years; would you've preferred the Gains and Losses of the S&P 500 Index or locked in 70% of Gains with ZERO Losses?
S&P 500 Index Performance Year 1995 thru 2014
The FACT is that you would have hypothetically earned 7.1% annually with INDEXING Strategy versus 3.1% owning the S&P 500 Index; locking in your gains annually without the HEADACHES!
S&P Index performance shown excludes dividends
SMARTER way to Invest for Retirement!
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Hypothetical Growth of $10,000 using "INDEXING" Strategy  12/31/98 thru 12/31/14
Which Path would you desire for your Retirement Account?
Of course Past Performance is no indication of Future Performance. This hypothetical example Assumed a 70% Participation Rate that is currently Available in a IUL contract.
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S&P Index performance shown excludes dividends