2015 Library Statistics

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*Statistics on this chart marked "2014" are for fiscal year ending April 30, 2014, and those marked "2015" are for those ending April 30, 2015.
Trine Library supports about as many off campus students as we do on campus students, so we purchase a majority of our titles in eBook format to be accessible to everyone.
Number of eBooks: 218,129 Number of Media Items (Physical & Digital): 70,369 Number of Books: 23,059 Number of eSerials: 21,980
Total Circulation in 2015: 3,510 items Total e-Usage (full text downloads) in 2015: 69,782 items
In 2014-2015, Trine Librarians taught 55 instruction sessions to 1,156 participants, and library staff performed 441 reference transactions.
Visitors to both our online and physical spaces were up this year, and we welcome you to visit both! Come see us on the first and second floors of the University Center or online at