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Study, held with the businees in Bulgaria
28 % of women in Bulgaria, who have participated in the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights  EU-wide survey on violence against women in 2014, shared that they have experienced physical and/or sexual violence by a partner and or a non-partner since the age of 15.    
How many are women, who have experienced GB violence?
Why business is  concerned?
Gender-based violence (which is predominantly violence against women) is a social issue with consequences in every area of the society. Companies are not immune, because gender-based violence affects the professional life, productivity and safety at the workplace of women in situation of violence.
How business is involved?
We asked the companies, the social partners and the NGOs in Bulgaria in 2015.
In the national study in Bulgaria participated owners, managers and human resources' experts from the large, medium and small-sized companies from different business sectors: IT, engineering and manufacturing in health and energy industry, tailoring, production of seedlings, cosmetics, private education, telecommunications, confectionery, financial and insurance services, professional cleaning, and textile industry.
Who participated in the study?
The national study is carried out under project № JUST 2013/DAP/AG/5559 Companies against gender based violence - CARVE, co-funded by the Daphne III Program of the European Union #GBV #CARVEdaphne #VAW
Gender-based violence is still considered to be a personal/family problem, not a problem of the whole society. Most of the interviewed companies shared, that they never participated in awareness raising campaigns against gender-based violence and are not much informed about them. The topic of involvement of business in the efforts on prevention, protection and reintegration of women, experiencing gender-based violence outside the work place in Bulgaria is still a very new topic and companies are not enough informed and prepared how to react and how to provide adequate help when it is necessary. The workplace is still not considered to be the right place for open discussions on the topic, nor by employers, neither by the employees. However, the workplace appears to be most often the only place, where in situations of violence, women seek help and protection, especially in smaller towns and in smaller companies and in crisis situations. Detection of cases on the work place is not a formalized process and usually companies have a case-by-case approach. There are no formal internal guidelines or professional guides, known to be developed for the business. Employers become closely concerned and committed, when they have a case in their company and can see closely the suffering of the women. In these cases, most often the employers are reacting spontaneously and are searching for professional help, depending on the need and on the wish of the victims. Large-sized, as well as  small sized companies in Bulgaria need more information on the topic and professional help  from psychologists, lawyers, NGOs , who are experienced to work with cases of violence, as well as more practical guides and compendiums of best practices, tailored to the organization culture and size of the companies.
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