New Teacher Professional Development Logic Model

published by caleyvilliard

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New Teacher Professional Development
Situation: Effective systems are in place for all teachers in Mooresville Graded School District (MGSD) to be digital age educators. Teachers new to MGSD need assistance becoming familiar with all of the digital resources MGSD has to offer.
Vision: All educators at Mooresville report being prepared for their roles as digital age educators.
Staff Development
Planning periods Before/After school work times
EMIS Resource Page
Self guided website platform
Assumptions: Time is available for teachers to work through the online training. Computers are still available for each teacher. Resources remain constant and avaialable to all staff
Tech Facilitator Principal Teacher Leaders New teacher Learners
Start from scratch!
Opportunities to Extend Learning
Creation, Collaboration, Creativity, Communication, Organization, and Sharing
Teachers  are prepared to effectively use digital learning to increase their students' engagement and achievement
to use technology to increase student engagement and achievement
For teacher leaders to step up and share. For new teachers to digitalize their classroom.
Inspire Creativity
Model Digital Learning
Design Digital Experiences
Digital Responsibility
Global Awareness by engaging learners from other cultures
Process Data & Report Results
Transfer current knowledge to current technology
Positive attitude about using technology
Evaluation: Teachers taking the professional development will report back how they would like to use the tools, questions that are directly linked sent to the technology facilitator, and updates on how the resources are being used. This will be included on the website through a google form. The technology facilitator will be responsible for checking in with new teachers and their progress through the training.