Teenager V.S. The use of Cell phone

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Teenager V.S. The use of Cell phone
For nowadays, Cell phones are one of the necessities for almost everyone, Cellphones are no long for talking and texting only. It's also an easier way to access  social media.
73% of American teens have access to a smart phone. & another 15% of teens have access to a basic phone.  
92% of teens report use their mobile devices going online daily. 12% of teens report going online once-a-day. 6% of teens report going online weekly. 2% go online less often.
Even though most teenagers use their cell phone for social media sites, yet, they still use cell phones for texting and phone calling to stay connected with their friends and family.
52% of teenagers said that a phone number for calling is one of the first three types of information they would share with new friends.
80% of teenagers share their phone number for texting with new friends.
1. Safety Benefit: Having a cell phone allows your child to contact you or the police immediately when emergency happens. cell phones have GPS technology that could help you to keep an eye on your child.
2.Teaching Responsibility: for teenagers to have their own cell phones, they have to use it carefully to not to damage the phone and look after the cell phone and not to lose the phone,  would teach them the importance of responsibility.
1.Disruption in School: Teenagers often use their phones during class time to text, check social media sites...etc which would disrupt them from learning.
2. Hidden dangers: for teenagers to have their own cell phones may allow them the opportunity to access some websites or social medias that you may not allow, and for them to have their own cell phones, parents don't have an eye of what they do on the phone.
In today's society, a cell phone seems to be a necessity for everyone that they use it in daily life for connection in between individuals or groups, and online research, people could do so many things on a cell phone. However, it's important for the society to find out when should teenagers start to have a cell phone and what they should use it for.