WGST history

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Women & Gender Studies at TCU
TCU’s interdisciplinary Women and Gender Studies Program puts women, gender, and sexuality at the center of academic investigation.
Our beginnings
Jean Giles-Sims and Priscilla Tate (English) push for 15 years to start a Women´s Studies program to recover women´s presence in history, art, and literature, to be a space to explore women´s issues on and off campus, and to give a platform for research in the area of Women´s Studies.
First Course
First time that the Introduction to Women´s Studies course is offered, co-taught by Dr. Giles-Sims and Dr. Tate
The Women's Studies Program officially begins, and Jean Giles Sims is named first director.
New Directions
Claudia Camp (Religion) becomes director, 3-year term set for directors
First Pamphlets Printed and email list serve initiated
Senior Capstone
shifts from feminist theories to “real world” knowledge and applications, incorporates newly published Manifesta
New Directions
Joanne Green (Political Science) becomes director
Guest Scholar
Alexandra Robbins, author of Pledged, comes to campus, allows Women’s Studies to expand awareness of the program and partner with Panhellenic
First showing of The Vagina Monologues at TCU sponsored by WGST
Hosted Green Chair: Jennifer Baumgardner and Amy Richards
First Women’s Network group formed after inspiring dinner with speakers and students leaders from across campus
Green Chair
Grad certificate approved in Fall 2004 — 12 students admitted in first year
Graduate Certificate
Added 15 new classes in 2005
Senior Showcase
Annual undergraduate Senior Showcase begins, allowing students to present their work for Women’s Studies
Introduction to Women’s Studies begins to be taught in both fall and spring semesters rather than just fall, providing more flexibility and leading to higher enrollments
Created Institute on Women and Gender to support research and programming on gender issues
Increased Funding
raised $203,225 in funding across several years
New Directions
Karen Steele (English) becomes director
Guest Scholars
Monica Casper, director of Women’s Studies at Vanderbilt, speaks and consults for the program Courtney Martin, one of foremost bloggers on and author of Perfect Girls, Starving Daughters visits campus and helps give a boost to The Women’s Network’s blog
The undergraduate emphasis is added
Rachel Gollay, Molly Marten, & Erin Cooksley win Priscilla Tate Prize JoHannah Hamilton wins Priscilla Tate Scholarship
Rachel Gollay & Veronika Terrian win the Priscilla Tate Prize Aimee Hunter wins Priscilla Tate Scholarship
Wise Woman
Karen Steele  named Wise Woman
Wise Woman
Bonnie Blackwell named Wise Woman
New Directions
Laura Prestwood (IDM) becomes director, first director from outside AddRan College of Liberal Arts
Coffee Breaks
Women’s Studies Coffee Breaks for Faculty and graduate students are implemented
Students in Senior Capstone expand the Program to Social Media
Documentation of the Program’s history begins as WOST minor student Paige Pohle writes her final paper in the Capstone course on the history of the Program
Sam McMillan & Julie Schoelles win the Priscilla Tate Prize Aimee Hunter wins the Priscilla Tate Scholarship
Traci Clayton wins the Priscilla Tate Prize Sharia De’Castro wins the Priscilla Tate Scholarship
Claire Taussig & Sharie de Castro win the Priscilla Tate Prize Kourtney Kinsel wins the Priscilla Tate Scholarship
Wise Woman
Theresa Gaul named Wise Woman
Wise Woman
Lisa Vanderlinden named Wise Woman.
New Directions
Theresa Gaul (English) becomes director
Graduate Research Prize is  & The Faculty Research and Creative Activity Award are instituted
Committees are established with graduate student representation: Awards, Curriculum, Recruitment & Promotions, Events & Programming
First issue of Spectrum, the Women´s Studies newsletter, is published
T-shirts are designed to commemorate 20 years of Women's Studies and Fall 2014 is dedicated to celebrating the 20 year anniversary of the Program
Kaleigh Wyrick (English) is named first Graduate Assistant
Kourtney Kinsel wins Priscilla Tate Prize Caroline Dillon wins the Priscilla Tate Scholarship
Kourtney Kinsel & Jacqueline Bolt win Priscilla Tate Prize Alexis Lohse wins the Priscilla Tate Scholarship Sarah McNeely wins Graduate Research Award
Wise Woman
Rebecca Sharpless named Wise Woman
Wise Woman
Elizabeth Flowers named Wise Woman
Wise Woman
Ariane Balizet & Carrie Leverenz named Wise Women
Wise Woman
Layne Craig named Wise Woman
Faculty Research Award
Amy Freund wins Faculty Research Award
Name Change
Graduate Symposium
The first graduate student research symposium, organized by WGST graduate students, takes place October 31, 2014
Theresa Gaul is reinstated as Director & Kassia Waggoner (English) is named new graduate assistant
Delta Zeta Chapter of Iota Iota Iota (Women's Studies National Honor Studies) is instated at TCU. The first members are inducted at the 2nd Annual Graduate Research Symposium.
Name is officially changed from Women's Studies to Women and Gender Studies
New Room
WGST gets a new office space in Rees-Jones Hall
Book Club
Graduate Student, Jay Jay Stroup initiates the WGST book club
Tonya Maksimenko wins Priscilla Tate Prize Tammie Rhinehart wins Priscilla Tate Scholarship Carrie Tippen wins Graduate Research Award
Wise Woman
Hanan Hammad named Wise Woman
Faculty Research Award
Jeannine Gailey wins Faculty Research Award
Violence Theme Semester
With generous donor support, the Program instates Fall violence theme semester with 8 events and over 650 students in attendance. The semester included lectures from visiting scholars, Koritha Mitchell and Patricia Arés.
1 in 6 professors are WGST affiliated Core and Associate membership established
enrollment reaches over 100 Students
Alette Gamez wins Priscilla Tate Prize Tammie Rhinehart wins Priscilla Tate Scholarship Kassia Waggoner wins Graduate Research Award
Faculty Research Award
Babette Bohn wins Faculty Research Award
Politics Theme Semester
New theme announced for Fall 2016 with new committee dedicated to organizing accompanying events.
Krista Kee wins Priscilla Tate Prize Chelsea Gillespie wins Priscilla Tate Scholarship Angela Moore wins Graduate Research Award
New Directions
Meredith May (History) named new WGST graduate assistant
Wise Woman
Jacqueline Lambiase named Wise Woman