Paul Revere

published by Jacob Holt

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Paul Revere Report
Paul Revere was born January 1st,1735 in Boston,Massachusetts. In the early life of Paul he was a committed artisan.He was only 19 when his father died so young Revere had to take over the business and support his mother.In 1757 he married and had eight kids with Sarah Orne. Then in 1773 Sarah passed away,after that Revere married and had more 8 kids with Rachel walker.
Later in Revere's life he joined the Freemasons and befriended other activist such as Dr.Joseph Warren and James Otis.As he became more confident with his leadership his responsibilities grew.Due to the tensions between the British and the colonies he had to spy on the British and report it back to the movement.He worked as a courier for the Boston committee.Revere and other dressed up as Indians and dumped tea into the Boston Harbor.
People Know him for his famous ride the Lexington to tell John Hancock and Samuel Adams that the British are approaching.During the war he manufactured gun powder and donated many hats.He continued to build things for the war.Paul retired at 76 years old in 1811.He died on May 10 1818 in his home city of Boston.