Community Chronicle November 15

published by Rogerbot

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Community Chronicle
A monthly report of top-level metrics measured in social media, on the blog and YouMoz, and in Q&A for the Moz Community
November 2015
Community Team's 2015 Q4 OKRs
Objective: Increase Audience Growth & Community Engagement for Search and FollowerWonk Key results:       Traffic              • Increase sessions from social referrals by 20% YOY to 409,988 sessions (current: 251,302 or 8%)         Engagement              • Increase YouMoz posts to 3 published per week on average (current: 2 average)              • 25% of accepted YouMoz posts make it to publication (current: 45%-55%)        Events              • Sell 50 MozCon 2016 Early Bird tickets (current: 19 Early Bird sold - 230 total)              • MozTalk attendance: 150 per event average (current: 75 attendees)              • Complete 3 Podcasts (current: all 3 in progress) Objective: Drive Local Growth Key results:               • Sell 85 MozCon Local 2016 tickets (60% of all tickets)  (current: 55 tickets sold) Objective: Support the 36-month Scaling Plan for Moz as a business Key results:               • Complete 3rd party tools audit (current: 25% complete)               • Complete Mozinar Categorization (current: 85% complete)
The Blogs
Conversation rate = # of Comments/ # of Posts
Social Engagement
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