Why do we have reserves? Dec 2015

published by Lisa Palmarin

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Holy Spirit Catholic Schools
Why do we have reserves?
Planning and Saving for the Future
Plant Operations & Maintenance
Operating Reserves
This is the accumulation of surpluses year over year. Our Operating Reserves allow us to draw on our savings in years when funding is insufficient or when new programs need start up money.
$1.5 M
Every year the Board transfers funds from operations to a capital reserve fund in order to be able to replace vehicles and equipment and make improvements to buildings in the future. This is a prudent business practice.
Mother Teresa School
St. Michael's Modernization
Maintenance Vehicles
$2.5 M
Capital Reserves
How do We Compare?
Accumulated Operating Surplus to Expense Ratio
Accumulated Operating Surplus per Student
Alberta Education considers an A.O.S. to Expense Ratio of between 1% and 4% to be healthy. Each School Jurisdiction must make its own determination as to how much savings it should have.
Holy Spirit
Provincial Average
Based on 13/14 data
Based on 13/14 data
Based on 14/15 data
Based on 14/15 data
Holy Spirit
Provincial Average
Capital Reserves Per Student
Holy Spirit
Provincial Average
The Board of Trustees of Holy Spirit Catholic Schools deliberately puts funds into capital reserves in order that future capital expenditures may be realized.
Based on 13/14 data
Based on 14/15 data
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