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Work From Home Issues?
Learn How You Can Work Smarter From Anywhere
While working from home brings several advantages to workers, notably flexibility, it can also bring a number of challenges.

However, many of its challenges can be solved by improving communication between colleagues, as well as giving users the tools they need to share, access and manage information across networks and locations.
Lack of Participation
Different leadership styles
time to
build relationships
Common challenges to Working From Home
Source: 2012 Virtual Teams Survey Report – Challenges of Working in Virtual Teams survey.
Benefits of Work From Home
Improved work-life balance
Lower stress and better health
No involvement in office gossip
Organizations can successfully tackle work at home challenges by focusing on autonomy and accountability rather than focusing on exact minutes spent on the job or the location where it’s accomplished.

When done well, companies can begin to separate the slackers from active contributors, without having to ruin it for everyone.

Work Smarter
Remote control of their computer desktops at work
Mobile access to work files at both home and work
Face-to-face video communication with colleagues and clients
What Telecommuters Want
Source: Source: TeamViewer 2012 poll of 500 American adults who telecommute
Maintain daily communication with remote workers.
By taking even a few minutes to check in with team members about what's happening before addressing the tasks at hand can make a big difference in maintaining a connection with a colleague.
Team members who are not in the same location as their colleagues can be just as engaged and committed and can bring different perspectives.
Include remote workers’ input when brainstorming
Reward Value, Not Face Time
Why not measure employees by the value they create, rather than by the number of hours they sit at a desk?
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